Why Choose Mutual Insurance?
For starters, there are no shareholders – so that means we put the needs of our policyholders first. And that results in better service… suggesting ways to minimize risk… settling claims more fairly and quickly. No wonder more than 135 million policyholders choose mutual insurance to protect their property. Become a part of something bigger. Become a member of a mutual.

On March 10, 1865, the first charter the company name was the Union Fire Aid Co. with Judge Wm. Mudd elected as the first president. This company served the community until March 17, 1888. When the notice was published in Red Bud newspaper “The Torpedo”, for a new charter with the name being Horse Prairie Township Mutual Fire Insurance Co. The charter was granted on Feb. 1, 1890. On August 27, 1927 a Tornado Insurance Company was formed with the same officer’s as the Fire Company but was operated as a different company. On January 25, 1988 the board signed the new Articles of Corporation to combine the fire company and the wind company into one and have the name of Horse Prairie Mutual Insurance Company. The new company now serves all counties bordering Randolph County., Randolph, Monroe, St. Clair, Washington, Jackson and Perry County.

Board of Directors

Stuart J. Langrehr President Elected 2016
Stephen C. Uffelmann Vice-President Elected 2016
Armin R. Robert, Jr. (Butch) Board Member Elected 2018
Kevin Luthy Board Member Elected 2020
Richard Zweigart Board Member Elected 2021
Dwayne R. Mulholland Board Member Elected 2017
John Deterding Board Member Elected 2016
Rodney  L. Liefer Board Member Elected 2017
Cheri Lange Board Member Elected 2017


Robert J. Myerscough was hired in October of 2013 as Executive Officer with the duties of Manager and Secretary. In January of 2014 he was also appointed as Treasurer. Robert brings with him 30 years of insurance experience.

Angel Minemann started with the company in 1997 as an office assistant and worked her way to underwriting in 2010. In 2010, Angel became the Office Manager of the company, an Assistant Manager in the absence of Secretary-Treasurer/Manager .

Kaitlan Schoenbeck was hired in 2013 and works with changes, cancellations and assists the Office Manager with many other aspects of the company.

Marilyn Langrehr was hired in 2019 and works with renewals, installments, accounting and all other aspects of the company.